Inmotion Reviews

nmotion is one of the most used provider by businesses. They have great technical support. They provide fast and reliable services and it is very much affordable. Not a regular feature among web hosting companies that you canchoose data center.

  • Different plans for your needs
  • 90 day money back guarantee
  • 99.9% uptime, reliable hosting
  • Comfortable control panel
  • Premium web site builder
  • Unlimited disk space
  • Unlimited monthly traffic (not all plans)
  • Top tech support
  • Fast email and SPAM blocking

With so many firms in these business, it has become imperative to always check out whether the firm you are entrusting with your website has what it takes to keep you up and running throughout the time you need their services in this respect. From a host of users who have written their Inmotion Hosting review, we strive to find out how the firm operates.

For starters, this is a firm that has all the basic services offered by any other company in the same line. However similar to other players in the field, it has tried to invent incentives that could keep them standing out from the crowd by offering other packages to existing as well as potential clients.

Among some of the unique features are included the personal web hosting plans that the firm gives away at a considerably low rate of about $3 a month. This is ideal for individuals who want simple sites for online presence.

If you need dedicated servers, the firm also has the same services not to mention VPS and other types that different people need for varied reasons. Besides the cost effective nature of their services, Inmotion Hosting reviews also reveal that they have a good support system.

For business owners who may be wondering why they should entrust this particular organization with the care of their websites, there is an incentive that is directly geared to attract such business owners. This comes in the form of a full time technical support that will guarantee you about 99.9% up time.

It would be unfair to carry out an Inmotion Hosting review and fail to note that the company also offers templates for new entrants who have absolutely nothing set up on their web space. They provide such clients with at least a landing page to start with.

Some customer reviews

By Robert:

We decided to go with Inmotion Hosting a few weeks ago based on popularity and ratings from others. I really regret this decision. they claim to have an up-time of 99.9%, but the truth is that in the past two weeks the server my site is on has an up time of about 80%. I have contacted customer support and they are sub-par. Tech support could give me no details on why the server was down. Our account manager blamed our internet connection on the fault when in fact it is the terrible server support. Save your time and go with BlueHost. They are so much more reliable and I have never had any downtime during operating hours. If their servers go down they do maintenance off peak hours and inform you about it unlike Inmotion.

By Bec:

I am just sending this quick note to let you know how AMAZING your entire tech support team has been in helping me to get my website online! The service is SO friendly, prompt and wonderful, with employees who are obviously fantastic at their jobs!

I want to make specific mention of an employee Jeremiah P. who went completely above and beyond his call of duty to really understand my problem and help me every step of the process as we worked through it. JERIMIAH YOU ARE BRILLIANT, fantastic, wonderful and cheerful. You were so nice to have on the other end of the line, guiding me through!

Im so glad that I chose you guys as my web hosting provider!

By Dianne:

InMotion Hosting is excellent professional web hosting. First of all,IMH have saved me hundreds of dollars per month in hosting fees.Second their tech support is excellent.Our company transferred over 30 web sites to IMH within a two week time frame and every site went smoothly. There fees are very reasonable for domain name registering & web hosting. The speed for all our clients has been excellent, features are incredible. The C/panel is up to date and so useful for us and our clients. I like having the control of setting up email accounts, calendar, password protected folder, blogs & forums. The tech support is so efficient and really terrific…. I am glad we made the switch and I am now an affiliate with InMotion Hosting.

By David:

I have used several hosting companies over the years, and the three biggest problems I’ve had with most of them is uptime, spam and support. I run my own web servers for my personal sites and for a few clients using BlueOnyx. But because my servers are only on a T1 so when I need to setup a site that needs more bandwidth or for customers I don’t want to host I outsource to other companies.

A few weeks ago I needed to find a host for a small social networking site that’s just getting started, so I opted for a shared host to get the ball rolling. I searched all over for reviews and the features that various providers support. Inmotion said they supported everything I needed and the price was within the budget for the project so I contacted them via their web chat system.

Within seconds of clicking on the chat link I was speaking to someone in the sales department about the type of site I was setting up and their policies. Many hosts say they offer lots of space and “unlimited” bandwidth but have hidden restrictions. Some companies will simply disabled or remove a site that uses lots of space or bandwidth with zero warning. I was assured by the Inmotion Sales staff that if the site I was setting up required more bandwidth or space than they considered reasonable they would contact me about switching to a different plan or host and not just cut me off, this is very important too me.

If the site becomes successful it will eventually require a dedicated server, I fully understand that, shared hosting is great for small sites and for email but simply cannot support sites with hundreds of thousands or millions of visitors per month. Since we are in the development and testing phase though, shared hosting is perfect for testing the waters without investing a lot in a dedicated server.

The sales person then transferred me to the tech team to discuss the software I intended to use, the Boonex Dolphin software. We reviewed the requirements and they assured me the system would work fine on their servers and that it in no way violated any of their policies or restrictions. So I went ahead and had the client order their hosting. The setup was quick and easy, the only delay was from them calling to verify the order and ask what type of site the client would be setting up so they could assign it to the best server. They even offer a choice of East or West coast servers.

I had the software up and running that afternoon with no issues. The site is still in the development phase and is not open too the public yet. So far though, I have not experienced any server down time. I did experience a short time where I could not connect to the server but others could though. This lead to another use of the Web Chat system.

I contacted their support team and again I was talking to someone in a matter of seconds. I explained the trouble I was having, provided trace routes and pings and such for the tech. Because I was able to access other servers on their network as well as their main site we both agreed it was either a firewall or a routing issue, so the tech aided me in providing all the needed information for their network team to review.

The network people contacted me within the hour to let me know it was a firewall issue, the web software I was using had an add script that refreshed too quickly and caused my computer to request “several hundred” updates per minute so the firewall had kicked in and blocked me from accessing the server assuming it was a flood attack. (I had the site open in IE, Firefox and Safari at the same time)

They cleared my IP from the firewall and I have since corrected the issue with that script. Since then everything has run very smoothly. Because of their quick response time from their support department I purchased an account from them as well to host eGroupware software. It requires a little more bandwidth than my servers can support.

When I setup my account I contacted their support team via the chat system as well, and again I was connected instantly. I spoke with their staff to ensure eGroupware was allowed on their servers before setting up the account. Not all hosts would support such a system because it CAN be resource intensive. Inmotion assured me that would not be an issue, and so far it’s running great!

I have not seen any down time from either server, I’m sure they’ve been updated and likely rebooted but it hasn’t lead to noticeable down time. I’m hosting new domain names but have yet to receive a single spam email or have an outgoing email bounced due to blacklisting. And the support team has been very quick to respond, friendly and helpful every time I have needed them. I would recommend Inmotion to other customers and friends without hesitation.

For the curious geeks, the server I’m on is a Dell Xeon 5560 dual CPU with 48GB of ram on a 3 terabyte PERC H700 RAID. The load average is around 8 which is well within norms for a 16 processor (4 cores x 2 with hyper threading) server. Many shared hosts I’ve seen severely over sell and will load the drives up beyond 90% and stress the CPU’s to 100% or beyond.


I have had nothing but a great experience with Inmotion but since they do offer an “Unlimited” account I feel the following should be said just because someone will attempt to take them up on that and will then go to a site like this one to complain.

Let me state clearly for anyone that may be new to web hosting, there is no hosting company out there that can actually provide you with unlimited space and unlimited bandwidth. When a hosting company says they will, what they mean is they don’t put small limits on your account but because it’s a shared environment they cannot let you store or transfer terabytes of data. If you use any host for things like backing up your HD or sharing massive amounts of data you will eventually be cut off. You’re not going to host your own Youtube for $100 a year.

If you have any questions about the type of site you are going to host or the amount of space required I suggest you do the very same thing I did, contact their support team and confirm that your site is within their acceptable use policy before you order like I did.