iPage Reviews

iPage has great experience in hosting, is on the market for more than 10 years. Their platform serves more than 1 million websites. iPage recently went green, wich means your internet activity can be eco friendly.

They offer:

  • Unlimited disk and traffic
  • Instant Setup
  • Free domain name
  • ANYTIME money back guarantee
  • Over $400 of free extras
  • Reliable 99.9% uptime
  • Easy to use cPanel
  • Fantastico Script Library

Whether it is personal, business, non-profit or social websites, iPage offers customers an easy web hosting application. This web host currently serves over a million websites and has over a million and a half domains under management. Potential website owners can sign up for an affordable price with a full money back guarantee.

Once you sign up, you get not only unlimited disk space but also unlimited data transfers and bandwidth. We also found that they allow as many domains as you would like as well as free advertising credits for some of the most popular search engines in the world.

Beginner tools are at your disposal to help you create your ideal website and to make website building simple and easy, even if you have no experience. These same tools are prolific enough to satisfy even those with extensive experience in web design with an array of site builders, blogging tools, photo galleries and more included.

The web host also offers customers the opportunity to own web pages that are environmentally friendly. The site offices and data centers are one hundred percent run by renewable energy credits which are used to generate wind energy. This results in the offset of their carbon emissions, providing the customer with a completely green website.

The team behind iPage is performing numerous customer surveys to identify problematic areas that most customers need addressed on a regular basis. They make it as easy as they can for the customers by offering around the clock help centers as well as a user guide and dozens of tutorials to help you get started.

As a conclusion of this iPage review, it’s safe to say that the team at iPage is using their ten year experience in the web hosting industry to make the customer’s experience as simple and easy as they can.

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Some customer reviews

By Lanny:

iPage is a shared hosting site so all domains hosted use the same IP address. Unfortunately, this IP address is blocked in China, so people in China can’t see your web site. They know this and it seems that this has been happening for a couple of years, but they won’t tell you and you just have to learn the lesson the hard way. There is also nothing they can do about it, so if you want your Chinese clients to see your web site, you have to use somebody else as your ISP.

There is also a $35 cancellation fee if you want to move to another ISP. The money back guarantee is only for 30 days.

By Jen:

I loved IPage, until just today I discovered that the rate they quote on their website ($4.50/month) is only a promotion. The kicker is, nowhere on their site does it say that this price is only valid for 12 months, or merely a promotional rate – and you will not get any notice that your rate has increased.
I signed up in November 2010, and today when I went poking around in my billing panel – I stumbled across the invoice for my renewal (due Nov 2011) for over twice the price I originally paid. I submitted a ticket to inquire if my renewal was in fact for 2 years, and was told that after the initial 12 months at the “Promotional” cost of $4.50, your web hosting account will then over double to $9/month (I am being quoted $107.40 for one year not including Site Backups and Restore for $16.95 and SiteLock Plus for $14.95) – all this with no notification to you at all, or information listed on their website. In their words “Unfortunately, we had to increase the price for the hosting packages due to the rising cost of technology and Support resources.”
It’s really a shame, because as I said – I love IPage, and have been extremely happy with their support, up-time, control panel etc… But I can’t justify paying over twice what I signed up for.
I am really hoping that they will be able to work with me on this, but I’m not holding my breath.
If you have an account with them – you may want to go into your billing panel (top right in the control panel, under BillingCentral) and double check what your renewal rate is set at :(

By Ladie-Falcon:

I opened an account with them in August.
I first opened a support ticket in Sept.
I spoke with tech support numerous times.
Not only was the issue never resolved, the support team was awful. The information they provided was inaccurate and I got allot of excuses but no solutions. I really thought that a few times they must be bots, as it seems they would pick up one word and provide a response based on that one word and many times the response was completely out of context.

Here is just one example:
From ipage tech support
“We apologize for providing you with inaccurate information earlier, and we regret any inconvenience that may have caused you. I have checked the folder ‘Forum’ and the files were already there in the folder. I have checked the forum at http://www.psychics-4u.com/Forum and it is working fine without any issue.”

At first they said it was not working because the folder was empty. At least this support person admitted his mistake unlike the others. As you can see the folder was not empty, however it was not working fine as stated and it was not the only page I encountered these problems. However I always got the same responses, ‘missing files’ ‘FrontPage’ “It’s working fine on our end” etc. Basically the problem was never on their end, the problem always supposedly was on my end. From the responses I got I doubt very seriously they even bothered to check they just sent out some canned reply to the problem based a few keywords.

So after months of this I requested a refund. My account is inactive and as of this date I still have not received any refunds.

Best I can figure is for some reason even when using an FTP client the files would not upload on the server properly. I tested the files using several other hosting sites, using both FrontPage and the same FTP client I used with them – they worked perfectly on 4 different hosting sites (2 paid sites 2 free sites)

The service is not FrontPage compatible as advertised, also if you use Visual studio (which also relies on FP ext) it is not compatible either.
You will notice after you sign up there is a disclaimer stating something to the fact that FrontPage is discontinued so they no longer support it. The support staff kept reverting back that excuse for my problems even though I was no longer using FrontPage with their service as it simply did not work.

By Clarky:

I am using iPage for about three months now. I was actually reading reviews like mine to find the ideal hosting company. iPage has money back guarantee, so I figured I give it a try without any risk. They are very good in my opinion, but I am no expert in webhosting. I have a 5 page html website, so I use no fancy bonus features, so I can’t tell if they worth anything.