GreenGeeks Reviews

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GreenGeeks is 300% green hosting provider. They have an unlimited package with probably everything  you need. None the less they have a very friendlycustomer support. If you consider moving your existing site to GreenGeeks, they offer you FREE site migration service.

  • Unlimited hosting storage and traffic
  • Unlimited Email, MySQL, FTP
  • Free domain and FREE VRSitebuilder
  • Professional 24×7×365 support
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • 99.9% uptime guaranteed!

Before we can take a detailed Greengeeks review, we must be able to understand what kind of service they deliver and who are the target clients and how does the company meet their demands. Each company identifies its targeted clients and plans accordingly to meet their demands.

The company has a number of varied packages available for the companies to choose from, this is mainly to give the clients a platform to start from, whether you are an upcoming company that needs some low budget hosting plan or the big company that needs a dedicated server, this company has all the room to deal with your needs.

Whenever you need to raise any issues with the customer service sector at this particular hosting company, you always have numerous options of communication including the choice to make a call or even live chat in order to express your concerns and have them resolved within the shortest time possible.

In order to serve as many clients as possible, Greengeeks has a number of offers including domain name registrations a number of hosting packages that cost as low as $5 with a quick and easy registration process that will take a client on board the hosting platform within a few minutes.

Among other prominent features that the company gives in addition when you register for a hosting plan include free site migration in the case of clients who had been hosting elsewhere and free website building complete with templates to facilitate a quick start for first time website owners.

The importance of marketing when it comes to improving a business online with the help of websites cannot be overlooked. With this crucial need in mind, in this Greengeeks review we must mention the fact that the company gives free marketing credits to help create awareness about your site to get you started once you are hosted and live.

Customer reviews can give you a better perspective of the real performance of any provider. You can check out the GreenGeeks reviews below.

If you have been hosting with GreenGeeks, please contribute – review GreenGeeks.


Some customer reviews:

By Stephan:

The good thing about Green Geeks it is eco friendly. There does it stops though. I have a reseller account with them. And one of the websites under this account generated 200 visitors per day. Suddenly all sub accounts under my reseller account started to produce random 500 errors. According to Green Geeks this is because all resources are shared and the 200 visitors per day site is a high traffic site that uses to much memory. They also told me that a reseller account has the same resources allocated to it as a normal account. It costs 4x more though.

Support somehow could not understand that A. 200 visitors per day is not that much, B. that a reseller account should get resources allocated to each sub account, C. that random errors is not the way to go, an email about over usage would be normal, D. that reseller sub accounts should not affect each other.

In general I would say Green Geeks overloads their servers. Avoid this host and certainly their reseller accounts, as they really do not know what a reseller accounts is.

By Page:

I am quite experienced in the world of webhosting. My oldest site is more than three years old. I have a 4 months old site at GreenGeeks. I needed a green hosting provider for my green shop site. I decided to go with GreenGeeks because the reviews were great, and everyone said that their support is outstanding. I can confirm that! They have been great for me. Recommending to all my friends!

By Adam:

I’ve hosted with GreenGeeks for a while now and to keep this short, I have been very happy with the service I have received. I have since moved all my sites over from other web hosting companies because of their ability to actually provide what they advertise. Recommended to everyone who wants a honest web hosting provider.