FatCow Reviews

FatCow is probably the biggest Green Hosting company around, suitable forsmall businesses and for personal use as well. Has some great built in features like One Click Installation of popular scripts (WordPress, Joomla, etc….). It is really great not having to mess around with codes and databases.

Fatcow hosting offers

  • unlimited disk space and badwidth
  • free domain name
  • free website builder
  • unlimited FTP users
  • credit for search engines and now for Facebook!
  • has really great support.Fatcow takes support seriously.

Sifting through user feedback and comments online prior to writing this Fatcow review, it was not surprising to find many positive comments. This web hosting company has managed to survive and continue to grow in a very competitive industry since 1998. They must have made the right business choices when they decided on their unique approach to web hosting.

What users want from a hosting company is reliability and access to their own data. The company endeavors to provide a reliable service by maintaining a 24 hour monitor of their servers. Server backups are run daily to preserve data for users. They use a backup generator to prevent server downtime, giving their users 24 hour access.

The control panel is unique to this service provider. It has been reported as very user friendly, easy to navigate with clear menus to follow. There are more features than expected and each is allotted its own icon and has instant access to a corresponding help menu.

As far as cost goes, this service provider is one of the less expensive web hosting providers in the market. Their pricing strategy remains the same as when the company was established. That is to provide reliable web hosting services at the lowest price, with as many features as possible available for their clients.

In summary, several of the Fatcow reviews indicate positive feedback on their fast and reliable hosting service. Their unique package includes a wide range of features rolled into one, for a minimum or no extra cost. The Hostingmanual reviews rate them among the top ten website hosting providers.

Some Customer Reviews

By Dabd:

I tried FatCow for webhosting a local political campaign site based on reviews like these. The price was decent – $44 for a year.

The campaign was successful, and I took the site down afterward. Unfortunately, I did not cancel the account, and it autorenewed at _$107_ for a year. When I went to cancel it, they told me there would be a $35 cancellation fee. When I said I didn’t remember seeing that when I signed up, they said it’s in “Terms and Conditions” – buried with a ton of legalese.

Anyway, fool me once and all that. I told them I thought their policy was misleading and abusive, and I won’t be back.

(PS- They also take _forever_ to answer their phone – it took three tries to get this cancelled since one time I had to leave after ~20 minutes on hold and the other time I was cut off after a similar wait time.


By Jon Cat:

I’m using their services now. All seem good now. Support takes about 5 minutes to solve your problem and technical support is not really 24/7 but is not bad. Price is good (88$ for 2 years hosting service without any addons). Space and traffic is “unlimited”, it’s ok for PHP, images, some videos or music but maybe not ok for large business sites (as they said in their TOS). Speed is acceptable (medium speed for oversea sites, i’m in SEA now – it’s ok from Singapore). They use VDesk 4 as web hosting control panel, it’s ok but less convenient than CPanel (I think they should use Cpanel, it’s really really the best webcp on Linux). The mySQL server is shutting down sometimes, maybe because they restart it. So i continue to use their hosting at the moment.

By Linda:

I have had a Fatcow account for two years now, and have been overcharged by them several times. The first time, they charged me twice for the hosting account. The next time, they charged me twice for the privacy option for my domain. Now they are trying to charge me again, but won’t even tell me what the charge is for! They don’t even answer my response–they marked the support ticket closed even though they didn’t do anything! I think they are trying to scam their customers.

By Areeb:

I found FatCow on a comparison site just like this, and the editor recommended with great enthusiasm, so I jumped into it and bought a package for one year. First: the signup. It was instant. Really, I paid, and I was able to access FTP and everything. Installing WordPress took one click, and there are other blog, CMS and other systems to choose from, and many others wich I don’t even know what they are. There is one catch though: you get a package with full of features, but things like automatic data saving and domain privacy are both cost extra. My guess is, if I canceled my account, I wouldn’t get that money back, only the hosting part of it. But I am more than satisfied, customer support is really the best I have encountered.

By Don:

I registered a domain with Fatcow a couple months ago. I didnt have the time to work on my site then, just a couple days ago I installed Joomla on my account. Well, it is a real resource hog to be fair. I was curious how it would work on a shared hosting plan. Sure enough it was responding quite slowly. I thought great, another useless service! I started chatting with support. The representative was extremely polite and a few minutes later he informed me that he installed Ioncube PHP accelerator and my site should be working faster now. It did! Truly exceptional service!